Trees for Bolivia

What is ArBolivia?

ArBolivia is an alternative business initiative to promote reforestation and fair trade. The initiative seeks practical solutions to worldwide increasing deforestation, climate change, and poverty in development countries.ArBolivia will reforest 6,000 hectares in the subtropical lowlands of the Amazon Basin in Bolivia through small-scale forestry plantations with local farm families, using almost entirely native tree species. It includes the on-farm establishment of ecological corridors, protective plantations as well as sustainable agricultural land use.The initiative is the first in its kind...

Trompillo (de altura)

Trompillo (de altura)

¿QUE SUELOS SON APTOS PARA EL TROMPILLO? Es una especie que forma parte del bosque húmedo tropical, se desarrolla mejor en suelos con textura franca a francos limosos bien drenados, no es apto en suelos...


0.50 Has. planted by Maria Velasquez Carvajal on 28 november, 2008 in the province Ichilo